Tip #1. Select a buoyant sector

A successful real estate investment begins with choosing “the right address”. It is this that will determine the value of your home over the long term and that will allow you to make the purchase profitable, by renting it easily and at a minimum at the market price.

It is therefore essential to choose the location of your future property carefully: dynamic locality, famous district, privileged sector well served by public transport… Depending on the city, certain districts are historically considered safe bets in the face of the stability of rental demand, such as the West of Paris or the historic centers of large cities such as Lille or Nantes: they will guarantee you a low-risk real estate investment.

But opting for an investment in a medium-sized city, if rental demand develops there alongside new infrastructures, has also become an excellent choice, especially since the purchase prices there will be much lower than in the large ones. agglomerations. Arbitrating between the security of your investment and its rental profitability will allow you to optimize your investment over the long term.

The main thing is in any case to favor the best environment according to your rental target. A good knowledge of the land is an essential asset to get your real estate investment project off to a good start. Do not hesitate to call on a professional to guide you.